Happi - Textile Collection


In May 2019 we had the opportunity to shoot the collection ‘Happi’ with up and coming Textile Designer, Lucy Hope.  

“Through my love of colour and pattern I have created a collection inspired by the Importance of Creativity and Imagination through play within preschool children.

We all begin life as a blank canvas. As children we play, imagine and create. Fearless and without the self-conscious restrictions of society. Working with preschool aged children and researching play has influenced my studio practice as a designer. I design to make other happy and spread fun.”

- Lucy Hope

It was really vital that we kept our photo style in tune with Lucy’s style - Fun and Bright. We made sure the location was a blank canvas in order to bring Lucy’s garments to life. It had been mentioned in the brief that shots of people wearing the garments and up close details of the garments were very important to Hope so she had a wide variety of shots and angles to use in order to show off all aspects of her collection. 

Since, the collection along with the photos shot have been displayed in exhibitions in Glasgow and London.