BBC Scotland - Suilven


Suilven was the first in a series of short online films we produced for BBC Scotland’s This Is Life. At only 731 metres high, Suilven’s remarkable outline makes it one of Scotland's best known and most easily identified mountains.

The idea was simple, leave Glasgow and hike Suilven in one day. Leaving Glasgow in the dark at 5am, it felt like the day would last forever but the 6 hour drive soon took away that luxury. The plan was to drive to just outside Elphin, park the van, paddleboard the full length of Loch Veyatie and hike Suilven… easy, right?

No. After a couple of hours on the water paddling into a headwind, it was clear we wouldn’t summit Suilven that night. We set up camp and got a few hours sleep. We woke at 5am in order to hike Suilven as the sun rose, hoping for some amazing sunrise shots, we were all rather excited. It soon became clear that our vision would not become a reality, with high winds and low lying cloud, there was no visibility, let alone a beautiful sunrise. The unpredictability of adventures like these are what keep us alive.

Scotland is full of potential adventures and endless stories. It was a joy to capture this one for BBC Scotland and we’re looking forward to the next over-ambitions expedition. Scotland is our playground and we love it.