Jura - Seven Wood


We were asked to tell the story of Jura’s new single malt, Seven Wood. Commissioned by Bright Signals this promotional film is a raw and fun journey through Jura’s latest creation.

For me, creating an expression such as Jura Seven Wood is like creating a special meal. It’s essential to understand how the combination of woods can create these compelling flavours. At the heart of Seven Wood, we are accentuating the DNA of Jura’s light character; the oak types should not dominate but enhance the natural qualities of Jura while imparting some of their flavour on our single malt. Balance is crucial.


After a recce to Jura’s cooperage in Alloa, it was clear that it had to be the location for the shoot. As Gregg Glass mentioned, balance is crucial, and getting the balance within this film was key. We used the harsh, rough environment of the cooperage to emphasise the blood, sweat and tears that go into every dram. Balanced with the calm, sophistication of Greg’s explanation, the balance runs throughout.

The finished film is available below or by scanning the QR code on the back of a bottle.