Training and consulting


We have many years experience in digital media production, spanning the multiple industries of academia, broadcast and online. We are privileged enough to be able to provide training, education and consulting in several of these fields.

We understand the value of the digital world, but we also understand it’s complexity and intimidation. We lead Digital Media workshops across the globe with groups and individuals, providing digital skills in photography, video, writing and general e-skills. These workshops can enable new levels of independence, allowing people to have a voice in our digital age.

Storytelling is at the core of everything we do, and is the glue that binds all digital media creation together. We have worked with several organisations to provide digital storytelling workshops across the globe. Digital storytelling empowers individuals to share their own story. From refugees in Norway to a group of academics from North America, digital storytelling transcends class, language, and culture to provide a vehicle for raw expression from all individuals involved.